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Classibase version 1.2 released

We are using ClassiBase ourselves and regularly research and add new features as required to compete with our competition. Main focus of our script is its simplicity. With this in mind we added some new cool features and made some minor fixes to Classibase classifieds script. These are main changes that is worth to mention:

  • Added auto translation for supported languages in admin language translation
    Auto translation uses Microsoft Translator API which supports more than 20 languages.

    • Auto translate empty fields button will be displayed for supported languages and will translate empty fields on current page.
    • You can use Rebuild translation terms button  at any time to keep translations terms up to date. It will scan script files for translation terms.
    • In case you want to fix particular term or translation you can search for it using search form.
    • Display empty values button will list non translated terms if there are any, this is very useful if you have a new theme and want to view those terms that require translation. Then you can use Auto translate button to make translation fast and make changes as required on those translations.
  • Translated script to Russian and Turkish so you don't have to.Classibase classifieds Turkish and Russian translation
  • Send email when verified ad approved by admin, also display proper message for such ad. When ad approval is not automated after verifying user email user will see message that it will be approved by admin for listing. In such case when admin approves listing user will be informed by email that his ad is approved and listed on site.
  • Added searching users by email in admin. Over time user list will grow so to find any particular user Search functionality implement in Classibase Admin panel.
  • Converted Cyrillic characters to Latin when populating ad permalinks, to increase url readability and improve SEO. Previously only ads with Latin characters would have readable permalinks, now any Cyrillic characters converted to Latin then generated permalink, which is readable and easy to understand what that link about.
  • Implemented product microdata from to base theme. This will make page data structured on google search results. Ad listing is marked as product because generally users sell goods, property, cars, service on classifieds site. This will make data on classifieds site structured for search engines. In future they may use this data to format search results and display data as rich snippet with images, price, contact details etc. This will bring more related visitors to your classifieds site and listings.
  • Implemented The Open Graph protocol for better Facebook integration to base theme. We encourage visitors and authors to share listings on social media like Twitter and Facebook. When they share any ad on Facebook nice and correct snipped will be displayed in their timeline. Which will be linked to listing on your classifieds site. This will also bring more visitors to your site.
  • Added sitemap.xml for search engines to index more content. Search engines crawl your pages automatically but to suggest which pages are important sitemaps used. Category and location pages are with high priority because they updated frequently by new ads and will not expire. Ad pages are less important as they will expire and not updated much. This information is displayed in sitemaps. Also with sitemaps you can display many link in one page to make crawling process faster.
    After you install your site and define locations, categories, languages we suggest you to create account for google webmaster tools and submit your rss and sitemap.xml for indexing. After couple days you will see how many of your links indexed. Also you can view indexed content on your site by searching google with
  • Updated Base theme to version 1.2 - to implement marking and fixed some typos.

These were main changes that is implemented with classibase version 1.2. You can click to view full change log or view demo updated to the latest version.