Classibase update version 2 – Fuzzy search, PWA, lazy load, duplicate prevention

Classifieds script version 2

We updated our script to version 2 with more mobile support and simplification to user interface. Added performance optimizations, PWA support, ad blocker compliance, fuzzy search, mobile friendly dropdowns, duplicate finder, increased ad statuses and more optimizations. We will display major updates and explain how your classifieds website will benefit using them. Read More

Differentiate content on homepage for classifieds website

Home page is main page of your website and you want to show content that will interest your visitors and guide them in the right direction. Classifieds website is populated by user generated content. Generally most classifieds websites’ homepage contains list of latest ads, categories and popular locations.

Let’s concentrate on a list of latest ads on classifieds website. Usually there are 20-50 latest ads shown on homepage. We prefer showing 10 featured, and 50 latest ads and 10 popular ads of the week on our websites. Homepage is constructed using widgets. There are some drawbacks when displaying latest ads. Let’s go through those drawbacks and find solution that will overcome them.

Differentiate content on homepage for classifieds website Read More

How we increased featured ad sales 24 times on Classifieds website – Case study

This is case study, by one of our customers. Classified ads website increased number of subscription to their social account on mobile messaging application Line and increased featured ad sales. We used banners and share buttons in right places on the website to increase subscribers to Line account and drive more traffic back to our website. You will learn all steps that we used to increase featured ad sales.

How we increased featured ad sales on classifieds website

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How to Install Classifieds Script on iPage hosting?

iPage is popular web hosting provider with affordable shared hosting plans to start your classifieds website. Similar to Bluehost they offer free SSL certificate, free domain registration and allow to host multiple websites depending on package you bought. We assume that you have purchased hosting and domain from iPage web hosting. In this tutorial you will learn how to install classifieds script on iPage shared servers. Read More

Classibase version 1.5 – Chain Select

This is quick release for adding most requested feature chained select for locations and categories when posting new classified ad. It is useful if you have more than 100 locations with multilevel depth. Imagine clicking selectbox and scrolling a lot to find desired location. If you are looking for 4 or 5 level depth location then it will be very difficult to navigate through all records in one selectbox. You will be confused at which level you are viewing currently. Especially on mobile devices selectbox content with location names might be truncated so you will not see full location name and cannot decide on which of them to click. That is where chain select can be very useful.

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How to display total number of ads in Classifieds website?

Displaying total number of ads will encourage site visitors to post their ads and will give some credibility to your classifieds website. Also this will work positive if you have more than 100 ads, other vise your site may give impression of dead website to new visitor.

In Classibase we have very flexible “Text” widget which can be regular text, JavaScript or PHP. For displaying total number of ads, ads posted last month and last day we will use PHP. Getting total number of ads in Classibase may be tricky for some users that is why we created this tutorial to give exact PHP code that you can use for your website. Read More

Classibase version 1.4.4 released

We keep improving our classifieds script and constantly add new features to stay up to date with current classifieds website trends. In Classibase version 1.4.4 we added new classifieds website features and widgets. Main focus in this release is to improve classifieds website visually with gallery and carousel widgets. They also will help to promote featured ads and increase your income.

Here are list of important new features added to Classibase in version 1.4.4 Read More

How to import Ads from other classifieds website?

If you have old classifieds website and want to move your ads to Classibase powered website then we have feature for importing ads using XML file format. Ad importing with XML will import ads and create all necessary categories, locations, custom fields if they are not already created. Before importing ads try it on test server first and check if any custom fields, categories, locations messed up. If everything worked as you expected then repeat process on live site. Read More

Speed and resource comparison WordPress vs Classibase

How fast is Classibase compared to other scripts? How much resource will be required for certain amount of ads? What is suggested server configuration? There are most common question asked from our customers. To answer these questions we will compare WordPress vs Classibase scripts’ resource and time used to generate a page.

We designed Classibase to use only required resources and not load unused files and classes. Also we cache slow and not vital queries like counting ads for one hour to speed up page generation. WordPress loads almost all files even if it is not going to be used for this particular page. There are some performance plugins like caching in WordPress as well. Read More

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