Classibase update version 2 – Fuzzy search, PWA, lazy load, duplicate prevention

Classifieds script version 2

We updated our script to version 2 with more mobile support and simplification to user interface. Added performance optimizations, PWA support, ad blocker compliance, fuzzy search, mobile friendly dropdowns, duplicate finder, increased ad statuses and more optimizations. We will display major updates and explain how your classifieds website will benefit using them. Read More

Classibase version 1.5 – Chain Select

This is quick release for adding most requested feature chained select for locations and categories when posting new classified ad. It is useful if you have more than 100 locations with multilevel depth. Imagine clicking selectbox and scrolling a lot to find desired location. If you are looking for 4 or 5 level depth location then it will be very difficult to navigate through all records in one selectbox. You will be confused at which level you are viewing currently. Especially on mobile devices selectbox content with location names might be truncated so you will not see full location name and cannot decide on which of them to click. That is where chain select can be very useful.

Read More

Classibase version 1.4.4 released

We keep improving our classifieds script and constantly add new features to stay up to date with current classifieds website trends. In Classibase version 1.4.4 we added new classifieds website features and widgets. Main focus in this release is to improve classifieds website visually with gallery and carousel widgets. They also will help to promote featured ads and increase your income.

Here are list of important new features added to Classibase in version 1.4.4 Read More

Classibase version 1.3.5 released

There are many small updates to the ClassiBase script since version 1.3. Here are summary of most important ones:

  • Added custom css to all theme customization as default option – on every theme you may want to have some custom tweak to slightly modify theme layout to meet your requirement. For example change font color, header font size or margin etc. To do this we added custom Read More

Classibase version 1.3 released

classibase version-1.3We were working hard after last update to add more features and make ClassiBase classifieds script cooler. In this update we also considered some suggestions from our current customers.

Here are latest updates to ClassiBase classifieds script:

  • Display ad count by category and location on widgets. When you have many ads on your site it is good to show how many ads in each category to encourage adding new listings. Read More

Classibase version 1.2 released

We are using ClassiBase ourselves and regularly research and add new features as required to compete with our competition. Main focus of our script is its simplicity. With this in mind we added some new cool features and made some minor fixes to Classibase classifieds script. These are main changes that is worth to mention:

  • Added auto translation for supported languages in admin language translation
    Auto translation uses Microsoft Translator API which supports more than 20 languages.

    • Auto translate empty fields button will be displayed for supported languages and will translate empty fields on current page.
    • You can use Rebuild translation terms button  at any time to keep translations terms up to date. It will scan script files for translation terms.
    • In case you want to fix particular term or translation you can search for it using search form. Read More

Classibase version 1.1 released

  • Clear cache: deletes image cache, new cache will be populated on next page visit. Added control in admin - tools.
  • Import ads: supports predefined XML format. category, location, custom fields will be created if not exists, images will be uploaded from url. Only default language will be imported. Supports XZero classifieds script, other scripts can be supported by customizing default export file. This feature is useful if you are migrating from other classifieds script to Classibase.
  • Updated rss feed to display ad image in description, added rss header. Read More