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Classibase version 1.5 – Chain Select

This is quick release for adding most requested feature chained select for locations and categories when posting new classified ad. It is useful if you have more than 100 locations with multilevel depth. Imagine clicking selectbox and scrolling a lot to find desired location. If you are looking for 4 or 5 level depth location then it will be very difficult to navigate through all records in one selectbox. You will be confused at which level you are viewing currently. Especially on mobile devices selectbox content with location names might be truncated so you will not see full location name and cannot decide on which of them to click. That is where chain select can be very useful.

Important: We replaced chain select with new multilevel dropdowns in classifieds script version 2 at the end of 2019. New dropdown menu improves mobile usability and reduces number of clicks needed to perform same actions. You need to update your script to Classibase version 2 to use new dropdown and enable valuable new features including PWA, fuzzy search, duplicate detection plus many design improvements targeted for mobile users.

Chain select will allow you to select main location, then sub locations will be visible to select further. This way it is simpler for your site visitors to post ads. With every selected location you will see new select box with just related sub locations. Then you can continue selecting untill you select final location. At any time if you change one of parent locations related selectboxes will update accordingly.

Chain select converts regular select box for locations to chain select with javascript. It will be activated automatically if you have more than 10 locations or categories. If there are less than 10 locations then simple select will be displayed. Chain select is used when posting new classified ad and editing existing ad.


Remember to update your theme to version 1.5 for chain select to work.

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