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Classibase version 1.1 released

  • Clear cache: deletes image cache, new cache will be populated on next page visit. Added control in admin - tools.
  • Import ads: supports predefined XML format. category, location, custom fields will be created if not exists, images will be uploaded from url. Only default language will be imported. Supports XZero classifieds script, other scripts can be supported by customizing default export file. This feature is useful if you are migrating from other classifieds script to Classibase.
  • Updated rss feed to display ad image in description, added rss header.
  • Added pagination for listings per user page
  • Added widget type when editing widget
  • Fixed page population when new language added
  • Fixed missing site title and description when new language added
  • Added current location consistency when performing search refinement
  • Added default location to settings, it is used as preferred location for index page for first time visitor.
  • Added location cookie to store latest viewed location by visitor. On next visit visitor will be set to that location for making site more personalized.
  • Display expired ad when page loaded directly from url, display date when expired.
  • Added robots.txt file to disable indexing for admin and login pages
  • Added link to category listing in rss feed items

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