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Email templates in Classibase classifieds script

Classibase classifieds script sends emails to communicate and verify users. Email templates can be personalised and translated to other languages.

To view and edit and translate email templates on Classibase follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to “Settings” -> “Email templates” on admin panel
  2. There are many templates each sent when some action performed. Navigate to other email template by clicking tabs. View existing email templates below.
  3. Use “View suggested values” button in case you erase message subject or body by mistake.
  4. Switch to other language if you want to translate template.You can use services like google translate for translating email template text from English to other language by copying and pasting there. Keep in mind to keep variables (ex: {@ACCOUNTLINK}) unchanged.
  5. Edit subject and body fields. Use custom variables on side of form by clicking. View custom variables below.
  6. Save changes after editing each email template.

Existing email templates

  • General - Used for general notification emails.
  • New post - Sent when new ad posted and email verification required. Email verification required only if user posted without logging in to existing account.
  • New account - Sent when new account created by verifying email address of ad posting.
  • Account verification mail - Sent when new user registered using Registration Form
  • Contact User - Sent when visitor contacts ad author using online form.
  • Password reminder - Send when user requests to resend new password using Forgot Password form.
  • Contact us - Message sent to site admins using contact us form.


Custom variables used when forming email template

  • Site name - Domain name where your site hosted.
  • Subject - subject used in contact us form
  • From - from value used in contact us and contact ad owner form
  • Message - message field of contact form
  • Ad title - title of ad for which visitor contacts ad owner
  • Verification link - verification link to verify email address
  • View ad link - link to current ad
  • Edit ad link - link to edit ad
  • Expire after (days) - time when email verification period will expire
  • Ad ID - id of ad
  • Ad title
  • Account link - link to login to user account
  • View ad link - link to view ad
  • Disable contact form link - link to disable contact method for current ad
  • Remove listing link - link for deleting current ad
  • User message - message body of user submitted contact form
  • Password - user password for logging in

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