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Mukuzik Responsive Classibase Theme


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Mukuzik clean, responsive theme with cool backgrounds for ClassiBase classifieds script. You can discover many new awesome features in this theme. For example you can have drop down menu for quick access from categories, locations and pages. Also it has many  predefined theme presets with custom colors.

Drop down menu for easy navigation – If you want to hide all categories and location links in slim drop down menu but still make navigation really easy then drop down navigation will meet your requirement. It will expand as you roll over with your mouse pointer discovering every category and location defined in script. Drop down menu is also responsive and will work seamless in mobile devices.

Custom theme presets – Theme has 9 pre defined theme presets to completely change look and feel of your classifieds website. In case you want to slightly modify predefined preset you can change preset colors and images using control panel in theme customization area.


Custom colors and images – Mukuzik theme has great feature allowing you to design theme yourself using your colors and background images. Upload any image in theme customization area and use it as your background. Theme background can be repeated as pattern or covered to full screen displaying astonishing views on background.

3 widget locations – theme mukuzik offers 3 widget locations one on sidebar below logo and account buttons, one before content and one after content.

Mukuzik Responsive Classibase Theme Updates

Version: 1.9.6 (2021.11.21)

Version: 1.9.5 (2020.10.18)

  • Added custom HTML lang attribute

Version: 1.9.4 (2020.08.07)

  • Minor PHP and CSS fixes

Version: 1.9.3 (2020.04.29)

  • Updated schema markup to JSON-LD

Version: 1.9 (2018.04.25)

  • Added support for script version 1.9
  • Updated, combined, minified js and css files

Version: 1.8 (2018.03.02)

  • Added support for script version 1.8
  • Added ad view count

Version: 1.7.8 (2015.04.17)

  • Update jquery and colorbox versions
  • Removed addthis integration
  • Added support for script version 1.7.8

Version: 1.7.6 (2014.09.11)

  • Added support for script version 1.7.6

Version: 1.6 (2014.04.19)

  • Added support for script version 1.6

Version: 1.5.1 (2014.03.07)

  • Fixed chain menu focus bug

Version: 1.5 (2014.03.02)

  • Added support for script version 1.5

Version: 1.4.7 (2014.01.27)

  • Added support for script version 1.4.7

Version: 1.4.6 (2014.01.20)

  • Added support for script version 1.4.6

Version: 1.4 (2013.09.23)

  • Added support for script version 1.4.4

Version: 1.3.1 (2013.09.02)

  • Fixed other contact of field on ad page

Version: 1.3 (2013.08.30)

  • Added support for script version 1.4.2

Version: 1.2 (2013.08.20)

  • Added support for script version 1.4

Version: 1.1 (2013.07.18)

  • Added option to hide general search form from theme side bar. Useful if you want to use custom search widget instead of general search.

Version: 1.0 (2013.05.09)

  • Initial release