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How to add YouTube Video custom field to Classibase?

Video support was added to class base in version 1.4.6.  Now you can define as many video custom fields as you like to your classifieds website. This tutorial will explain how to add YouTube video custom field to Classibase from scratch. You may need to skip some fields if they are already predefined in your copy of the script.


Check if video custom field defined


Before assigning and video custom field make sure that it is defined. If video custom field is not defined then define it.

  1. Navigate to “Manage” -> “Custom fields” on admin panel.
  2. Check type column if you have video_url field defined. If yes then skip to adding custom field to category.
  3. In case video_url custom field is not defined then click on “Add new” button at the top.
  4. Select type Video from drop down list.
  5. Enter name for Custom field for example “Video”. This will be displayed before video url custom field on ad page and as field name when posting an ad.
  6. Click “Submit” button and save new custom field.

Add video custom field to category


  1. Navigate to “Manage” -> “Category custom fields” page on admin.
  2. Click “Add new” button at the top.
  3. Select location if you want to make this custom field to appear only for certain location. Generally “All locations” option used because we want to display video for cars in all locations.
  4. Select category from drop down list. In our case we select “Cars”.
  5. Click “Submit” button. New page will load all available custom fields and previously defined custom fields for selected category and location combination.
  6. Drag “Video” custom field from “Available fields” area to “Submit Form” area in order that you want it to appear.
  7. Click “Save” button.

After adding Video custom field it will be displayed when submitting new ad.

You can also add more than one video field by defining and adding to category new video field as explained above.