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How to display latest ads in WordPress?

This is tutorial will explain how to display your latest ClassiBase classified ads in your WordPress website. Classibase is separate script, not integrated to WordPress and installed separately. You can view speed comparison between Classibase vs WordPress.  However if you want to display latest ads from your classibase website on WordPress there is built in WordPress widget called RSS. RSS widget reads your classifieds site's rss feed and displays it on your WordPress blog. On Classibase latest ads can be read as rss feed by adding "rss/" to your sites URL (ex:

Display latest classified ads in WordPress

To display latest ads in WordPress follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "Appearance" -> "Widgets" on your WordPress admin.
  2. Drag RSS widget from "Available widgets" to sidebar that you want to display latest ads.
  3. Enter RSS URL to specified text field. Add "rss/" after your classibase sites URL for RSS URL and visit it with your browser to make sure that url is correct. (ex:
  4. Check "Display item date" if you want to. Also enter widget title for example "Latest ads" and click "Save"

How to display latest ads in WordPress? Add RSS widget with ads in 4 steps.

View your WordPress site's front end to make sure that widget works correctly.

This will display latest ads on your WordPress site and update automatically when new ad posted to your classifieds site.  If you want to promote featured ads only then you can use related RSS for featured ads (ex: Adding RSS widget to your WordPress website will increase your classifieds website's traffic and number of ads will increase accordingly.

Which other feeds you can display in WordPress RSS widget?

Latest ads is most common feed to display on separate website. If you want to display specific items only be it by category, location, custom field or even custom search then you need to find corresponding RSS feed URL. Now this is a bit tricky and not as simple as displaying latest or featured ads. To get corresponding RSS feed URL you need to add RSS widget to Classibase website.

Get RSS feed for custom search on classifieds website

  • Go to "Appearance" -> "Widgets" in admin panel.
  • Click on Sidebar widget area and add RSS widget.
  • Click edit button of RSS widget and check "RSS latest ads related to current page" and featured checkbox as well if you want to get RSS URL for featured items. Make sure that "Category page" is unchecked for hiding on related page types option.
  • Save widget settings and navigate to website front-end
  • Search for ads that you want to get RSS feed. Let it be for example "samsung a5" as shown in image.
  • Navigate to related category to narrow down search results and get more accurate ads.
  • Go to sidebar and right click related RSS link and click on "Copy link address"
  • Now you have custom RSS feed for custom search "samsung a5" within exact category that you can use to post in RSS widget on your WordPress website.
Show RSS feed for current active search. Use this widget to generate custom RSS feed using search term.

Show RSS feed for current active search. Use this widget to generate custom RSS feed using search term.

Make search and copy custom RSS feed URL from side widget.

Make search and copy custom RSS feed URL from side widget.

When new item matching your search criteria is added to classifieds website your WordPress website will show it. This is very cool feature to show related RSS feed on your website that will be interesting to visitors.


You can get latest, featured or custom RSS feed for classified ads on your website. Then use WordPress to promote items in that feed in your blog. This way your blog will feature latest ads from your classifieds website.

Same way you can teach this process to your customers so that they can promote their own listings on their blog. You customers can list in their WordPress blogs their own classified items like latest job openings, properties for sale, properties for rent etc.

More blogs add these RSS widgets more visitors your classified ads website will have.