How to place google adsense ads on Classibase Classifieds Script?

Google adsense or any other display advertising is one of ways to monetize your classifieds site. On ClassiBase every theme has different widget areas where you can place adsense ads. Best performing ad locations are horizontal link unit before content and 300x250 medium rectangle ad unit after ad listings on category and ad pages. If you are targeting mobile phone users then use only medium rectangle ad unit which will fit for all screens from desktop computers, tablets to mobile phones. If you want to have responsive ads then read Google Adsense Ads for Classifieds site with Responsive Theme article .

Follow this steps to add adsense ad to Classibase classifieds site:

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Drag Text widget from “Available Widgets” to desired widget location for example “Inner bottom”
  3. Click edit button on the right of Text widget
  4. On opened popup window paste adsense code. If you have multilingual classifieds website paste ad code to other locales as well by clicking on locale flag at the top of popup window.
  5. Select “HTML / javascript” for text format and click save.

Check your website for changes. It is advised to blend adsense ad format with your sites design. Also experiment with ad position, format and size to find best performing settings for you site.


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