How to Install Classibase on iPage hosting

We assume that you have purchased hosting and domain from iPage web hosting. This tutorial will guide you through steps for installing classibase classifieds script on iPage.

  1. Download classibase script from your user area on Extract files to some folder on your computer.
  2. Log in to your account on ipage. If you are installing for main domain then you can move to step 5.
  3. If you have multiple domains on same hosting then each domain should point to separate directory. Click on “Domain Central” to define directory for your secondary domain.
  4. Click on domain name that you want to install script. Click on “Points to” button to change domain from “Home directory” to “Subdirectory” and type name same as our domain name for knowing when you see directory name.
  5. Open FTP client ( we use WinSCP, you can use any FTP client ) and log in to your server. Log in details can be found in your ipage control panel.
  6. Navigate to Subdirectory that you created in step 4 and upload Classibase files that you extracted on step 1.
  7. In iPage control panel from top navigation navigate to “Website” -> “Mysql database” to view database details. Create separate database if it is not created already. In our case it was already created with same name as domain name. Get MySql server name, database name, username and password from this page.
  8. Navigate to domain with your web browser. You will see Classibase installation screen. Enter database details that you get on step 7. Also enter admin email and password. Then click submit.

If everything is correct, you will be prompted with successful installation. You can check if ads with image works correctly by adding some test listings.

How to Install Classibase on iPage hosting

After installation you can manage your classifieds website. Edit and add locations, categories, custom fields, locales, change theme if necessary, update site name and description details. After all these done you can add couple ads ­­­from local newspaper or other website to each category to start process for organic posting. Advertise your new website in related sites, forums, blogs.

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