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Using chain select menu for both locations and categories

ClassiBase classifieds script Forums Suggestions Using chain select menu for both locations and categories

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    I think it would be a great add when we could use chain select menu’s for both locations and categories. For example if you have +/- 1000 locations and hundreds (or maybe thousands) of categories. Its almost a pain to make a selection.

    I saw this solutions of chain select menu att dynamicdrive. Maybe it’s possible to use this for the classibase script:

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    Elite Tan

    agreed, that’s a very good suggestion, hopefully admin will include in the next release

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    Oh please include this option! I have 30 states and 1600 cities. Ask me how painful is it to bring traffic and then people closing the page just because they can’t scroll through a mess of states and cities and categories and sub-categories. Within this month I have spent over $200 on Adwords so far on some of the long-tail keywords and not a SINGLE ad posted so far.

    I have stopped my Adwords and Facebook campaigns and just waiting for the Chain select option on States/cities and Categories/sub-categories. Will Classibase do something about this suggestion? Or please guide me to the right direction, tell me which file to edit? Or which script/plugin to integrate into Classibase? Please help ..

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    We are working on it right now, planning to release new version with chain menu today.

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    Released Classibase version 1.5 to support chain select for locations and categories. Also remember update your theme to make chain select work.

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    I was just about to request the chain select again but was SUPER DELIGHTED to see your reply admin! Thanks a ton man! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m “that” happy to see this update! :D

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    I use the version 1.7.7, but I can not use this function for locations.
    I still see COUNTRY>>AREA>>CITY. What I am doing wrong?

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    Have you updated theme files as well? Also it works only when posting new ad. If editing existing ad chain select is not used.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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