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    // user image folders
    define(‘UPLOAD_LIMIT’, (102400 * 10)); //1024000byte -> 1024 KB
    define(‘UPLOAD_ROOT’, FROG_ROOT . ‘/user-content/uploads’);
    define(‘UPLOAD_URL’, URL_PUBLIC . ‘user-content/uploads’);
    define(“IMAGEMAGICK_PATH”, “/usr/bin/”);

    Main field:
    Secondary Domain:

    I wonder in this case I am using the same database for both site or whatever is posted on while repeated in

    What I really want is to share the directory of the user sending images in both sites to share between yes.

    The database is running smoothly in separate domains, however was unable to change the path of the images.

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    If both domains on same server then you can try defining UPLOAD_ROOT for to to point to same root that uses.

    Learn full path for image folder on, say for example it is /home/user/domains/ then change

    define(‘UPLOAD_ROOT’, FROG_ROOT . ‘/user-content/uploads’);

    on to

    define(‘UPLOAD_ROOT’, ‘/home/user/domains/’);

    Also if you are using exactly same site and want it to be used with and then create regularly, then add as alias for And you will not have to change anything. Both domains will work and user will stay on same domain accessing same website.

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    I did as the tutorial tells unfortunately without success, would not be able to add in a new version the option to modify the path of the example images to a media server eg ws amazon

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    Explained method should work if both sites on same server with same apache user. In case you want us to investigate on your server you can send your server details to us via contact form.

    Regarding remote image hosting it requires a lot of extra work and will slow down for small to medium size sites. We are not planing to add such feature for now. In case you want such feature using remote image server you can hide dedicated developer via freelance sites.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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