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Theme says Version 1.8 – but there is no updates

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    Tom Chung

    Hi. My theme says Version 1.8 but some options missing. For example the list mode doesn’t offer the new “most viewed” mode.

    Also I think there are missing some more options. It looks like there is a old and new versions are mixed up. My data base has a field “hits”.

    On the AD page I can see the view count.

    How can I update the new Version again. Or overwrite it to the existing one.


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    Dmitry Grunt

    Update production site very bad idea. As I can see new version has many changes in code and updated JS files.

    I go in more reliable way – clean instal new 1.8 version on dev server, import categories, locations, import ads. When all goes ok, will deploy dev to production. Maybe to complicated, but I don’t want to broke my prod like other users.

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    Hello, most viewed list mode depends on core files not theme. So your script should be also version 1.8 in order to use “list most viewed ads” in widget.

    Can you try this: Clear cache by navigating to “Tools” -> “Clear cache” page on admin panel and click clear cache. This can sole some issues after update in some cases.

    Also note that view counting is performed after viewing ad for 5 seconds by staying on ad page for 5 seconds.
    Widgets are cached for 1 hour so “most viewed ads” list might be stale for that period.
    Also if you updated script it might be some files are not updated because of write permission errors if you get those errors while updating.
    Built in update performs 2 things: 1) download, unzip, replace existing core files. 2) perform database update by adding new fields, tables if needed.

    We updated our sites including demo site and it went smooth without any problems.

    If you have errors after update and cant fix them we can look at them and try to fix if you provide your website details using contact form.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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