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Site Name and Site Title

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    Good day CB champs,

    Site Name and Site Title should be two different elements. For example:

    Breadcrumbs on category pages should show as:

    Site Name > Category Name
    ( > electronics)

    But the way it is setup as of now, it is Site_Title_or_Location

    Title Title > Category Name
    ( – my site is about x, y, z classifieds > electronics)

    Breadcrumbs do not look that nice. And, same thing goes for page meta titles. It is better to add a new field in cb_config table which should be named Site Name.

    The thing is, Site Title should be unique and should only appear on the homepage, it should not be repeated over and again in other parts of the website. Whereas, “site name” should be repeated in other parts of the website. For example, the item page:

    Item Title – Site Name
    (Used camera for sale in xyz city –


    I’m wondering how can I do this? Can you direct me how can I create a new field in cb_config table of the database? And how can I pull it in the Category Administration?

    Right now, while creating a new category, I can insert variable LOCATION_OR_SITETITLE …. How can I change it to LOCATION_OR_SITENAME?

    I understand that I need to create a new field in the database table cb_config and name it SITENAME but I’m not sure how to pull it in the Admin categories section. Can anyone guide me how to accomplish this task?

    Why I posted this in suggestions? Because, I believe, this should be integrated in Classibase software. WordPress has this option and it simply looks fabulous.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    It is really complicated thing to do. I think best approach will be making “site title” and “site name” short single string describing your site best.

    If you want to display site title or any custom string in page title then best approach will be duplicating theme that you like and editing /user-content/themes/YOURTHEME/layout/frontend.php file and add any custom string to site title.

    As we explained before we try keeping classibase as simple as possible.

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    I understand what you are saying my friend. Simple is indeed better. However, for advanced users, there should be some plugin system that should allow people to take better control over their CB based websites.

    Titles, descriptions, index/noindex, etc are however the most basic elements of SEO. There’s simply no survival without these simple things in a website. Google is going nuts crazy about these things, duplication is the last thing on the planet we need.

    Do you have any plans to introduce plugins to the Classibase software in the near future?

    Thanks for your help!

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    ahmad fatih

    Yea, thats why I purchase this script is because URL for category/location combination is very seo friendly. Unfortunately title and description are not SEo friendly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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