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simple captcha not shown

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    at first. the script is very good! so many functions and it works good.
    ok. little things where i have problems.

    the simple captcha is the problem. re-captcha works (but normaly i need only the simple captcha) .. the other things withd picture upload works also fine. but not the simple captcha. and i have tested any things. i hope you can help me.

    an other thing .. not really urgent ;-) but it is possible to make the subcategories unvisible on the homepage. i have a lot of categories so i think if i have the choice to make the subcatecories invisible or not its a good idea.

    thank you for your support

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    We are glad to hear that you like Classibase.

    Simple captcha should work on most servers, it uses PHP function imagepng(). Maybe there is some issue with PNG on your server. If you send us your server details via contact us form we will investigate this issue.

    For hiding subcategories Edit corresponding widget and set “Display mode” value “Fixed level 1”. You can read tutorial about it here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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