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Several Presale Questions

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    Vincent Wolf

    Hi guys. I’m interested in your script and have a few questions.

    1.) Switching Themes – The yellow ‘Base’ theme seems to be the default and I understand that I can change it to a different theme. Is changing the theme something that only Admin can do (which obviously would be site-wide) or does each user have the ability to change the theme they are viewing on their own end-user side?

    2.) Theme Colors – While in the User demo, I see on the right side a pop-up control panel for ‘Color Scheme’. So if I am seeing this as the demo User, does that mean each User has the ability to customize the colors of the theme they are viewing?

    3.) Drilldown locations – I want to use specific locations. Can I add more than one child sub-location to each of my parent locations? For example: United States > California > Los Angeles > Baldwin Park. In the forum topics I did see somebody was trying to do the same thing but was experiencing script error issues.

    4.) Free Installation support – What exactly does that mean? I’m not too good with tech stuff so it would be beneficial to have the script installed by people who know what they are doing. – Install by the people who wrote it is even better. Does “Free Installation support” mean that you can install it for me?

    5.) I see that your script is mobile-friendly, but does it include an actual App that I can submit to the iOS and Android App Stores?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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