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SEO BUG: Empty category/location

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    I got a bunch of 404’s in the search console for all the empty categories and locations that are empty.

    The page displays properly in the front, but seems like classibase throws a 404 response when it should be a 200.

    I wold like to know the best way to handle this issue nicely.


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    A good example would be the response header of:

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    To prevent empty categories and locations being viewed by users and search engines we added option for hiding empty categories and locations to related widgets. This option will be available only if “ad counting” is enabled. This feature is added in version 1.8 . Description can be found here

    After hiding empty categories and locations from widgets 404 pages in Google search console should disappear over time.

    We used 404 response to prevent it from being indexed by google.

    In demo we didn’t use that feature because there we only have couple demo listings which will show demo with only 1 or 2 categories. We wanted to show all categories in demo.

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    Dmitry Grunt

    In “index controller” find “category function” and comment out 404 part (just one or two strings, it’s obvious in code).
    Script has good seo optimisation, but this part very doubtful. Nobody needs toons of 404 in webmaster reports. Empty categories has “noindex robot”, it’s enough to exclude them from search.

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    Thank you guys!

    I will go with the suggestion made by Dimitry.

    Will let them be visible and as well avoid them from being indexed by search engines. Once they have content this meta property can be removed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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