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    I would like to know if its possible to change the markup from product to something else. Specifically books.

    Also is there a way to use the markup on a custom field like isbn.

    if this is possible please tell me how, how dificult it is and i will be purchasing the lifetime license inmediately.


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    Currently is not costomizable and custom fields do not have definable schema property.

    We will check possibility of implementing those and return to you in 2 days.

    Thank you for your interest in classibase.

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    We checked script, it is only possible to change schema from Product to Book but you cannot define other schema properties in form of itemprop via custom fields (ex: ISBN, bookFormat, inLanguage, publisher etc.. ). This is due current method of storing custom field definitions in Classibase.

    If you just want to change from Product to Book then in your theme files search for Schema::SC_PRODUCT and replace it with itemscope itemtype="".

    Also remember to duplicate your theme folder before making changes in order to avoid loosing changes on theme update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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