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rss feed filter location and category

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    Is it possible to have, in a near future, rss feeds by location and category?
    For now we do have /rss and /rss/featured My suggestion is to have, in someway, /rss/index.php&location=X&category=Y so that it will filter rss feeds by location X and category Y, as by default it would be /rss.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards.

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    We are currently working on RSS. Adding related location and category RSS feeds to relevant pages’ header as meta link.

    We are thinking on how to present it to users so that they can click on it or copy link and subscribe. We are not sure about adding links to front end. Maybe your answer will help us to decide.

    Can you explain why you need RSS for location and category?

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    Thank you for your attention to my suggestion.
    I think, the way you are planning developments to RSS (above) will fulfill my needs.
    The idea is to be able, for example, at page to provide an RSS feed targeting only Cars in London. This way, users can subscribe (at page a targeted RSS – Cars in London.
    Also, if I have a blog on special subject (category/location), I can display this particular RSS
    If you manage to build RSS the way “ads widget” works, than:
    1) at RSS will be for all ads in London
    2) at RSS will display only ads in the cars category.
    So, for only one button/link at page template, link will update, according to location/category combination
    Hope I made myself clear.
    Best regards.

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    Thank you for having it done on version 1.6

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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