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Repeater Field

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    I would like to get a hint on how to create a repeater field. I believe that this could be a really useful field and open a lot of possibilities.

    Field Eg: = Product | Size | Quanity | Price | In stock

    (text|number|dropdown|checkbox) | (text|number|dropdown|checkbox)
    | (text|number|dropdown|checkbox)| (text|number|dropdown|checkbox)

    Amazing script! Keep up the good work!

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    If I understand correctly it is custom field which contains other custom fields (sub fields) and can be used between MIN (ex:3) and MAX (ex:10) times in ads.

    Cant see where this feature can be used. I haven’t seen it in popular classifieds websites (let us know if you know any). Instead from your example it can be used in shopping websites (like amazon, alibaba (b2b), opencart) for example with iPhone can have many (memory|color|price|availability).

    Adding it in terms of storing all that data in one field as regular text is not problem but searching or ordering according values inside those sub fields can be a bit problematic. (For example find Phones (ads) with 128GB memory, where memory is stored in one of the sub fields inside repeater field.) Also current custom fields are used only once. But repeater field can be used from min to max times in same ad. Which is also will make it difficult to add.

    So if this feature is mostly used in shopping carts why not to use shopping cart for that type of website?

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    The example of amazon,alibaba it’s a perfect example but I’m not really looking for one eCommerce solution.

    Let’s assume that a user has 3 phones to sale but the only difference it’s the color.

    What I wanted to achieve here is that particular field will allow him to post only only one AD and list the product variations in the ad without the need to post another 2 for the other colors.

    Maybe repeater field it’s not the right name here…
    Basically it can be a chain of 4 or more Classibase system fields in our case (memory|color|price|availability)
    on the submit for of that particular category.

    In my non developer opinion I consider it a flexibility and a time saver field. Where it would help to keep the custom fields database clean.

    Let’s assume I have to do that for 10 categories..
    I will be forced to build 40 custom fields and change the html to display it on a custom order. With a super-field like that I will create just 10 for each category.

    PS: It’s not a feature request, it was more or less one idea.

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    Dmitry Grunt

    I solved this by using “custom fields groups” for each category.

    If products has “color”, you can add group with “Color” checkboxes – “Red, Green, Blue etc”. If has Sizes – add list available size options – “S, M, XL”.
    You can assign this options to needed categories, so user can add just one AD with list of avalible variants.

    This way is better for SEO, you will eliminate “duplicates” (similar pages with only one parameters difference).

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    Hi Dimitry,

    Thank you for the suggestion. This seems to solve the issues I was concerned too. (duplicate ads)

    I also think that the chances to upgrade the ad are bigger when the poster has one complete listing. Not to mention that the user experience grows exponentially when he doesn’t have to browse by hundreds of duplicates.

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    I’m working now on the accommodation template…

    It was really nice to have the ad presenting the standard form:
    Hotel Title
    Amenities (checkbox)
    Policy (text)
    =Room Superfield =
    Single Room | Price 125EUR /night | With Breakfast 140EUR
    Double Room | Price 145EUR /night | With Breakfast 160EUR
    Deluxe Room | Price 180EUR /night | With Breakfast 200EUR

    But I have to admit that i’m really happy with how Classibase performs.
    Amazing developer work!

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