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qr code help

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    Is any one knows how to install qr code on olxer or any other themes?
    Please help, Thank you and have a blessed days all..

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    We will add QR code to our next release which will be available in couple days.

    Thank you for suggestion.

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    Hi CB,

    Excellent, Thank you very very much for this great news. Another suggestion is about mobile look.
    Is that possible to make it more organize or better design on this? I have seen a lot mobile apps.for example if you are using android and just to see how it works app, you will be amazed. What I am looking is, I am a computer tech but lately computer using people are only programmers and business sector.
    Today many doing their search and uploads by mobile devices. If you could possible create some thing like this, your script may go to better price, or who ever want to update their scripts may pay little extra for it.
    Please look at the mobile app with google play. Thank you

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    Za Kene

    Dear Support,

    May be considered as the design of mobile themes at
    Have a simple view but showing a complete category.
    The site uses osclass scripts and mobile themes plugins.
    When accessed using a mobile device, they give the option to visitors for viewing the desktop version.

    Thank you.

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    We added QR code to Classibase version 1.7.6, please update your script to use this feature.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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