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Primary Email Recovery

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    Za Kene

    I accidentally deleted the main admin email, how do I recover email account?
    The email account is the only admin on the website that I manage.
    In addition to removing and re-install scripts, is there any other way to recover the primary email?

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    In this case the process has to direct the database,

    1 – Find out what is the table where the administrator is registered, if the same table of users, it becomes easier

    2 Create a user account by default

    3 – Scroll to locate the registration of the new registered user table and change permission to administrator

    If you still have any questions just send me a e-mail to give you the tips.

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    As explained above (this is guide according to version 1.4.7 and all previous versions):

    1. Create user account by using regular registration.
    2. Edit mysql record by using external program like HeidiSQL ( or tools provided by your hosting.
    3. List users in PREFIX_user table and find your registration.
    4. Change level field for that record to 1. (1:admin, 2:moderator, 3:user, 4:dealer)

    Also we prevented deleting last admin from admin panel in order to avoid accidental deleting. You might be deleted it directly from DB I guess.

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    Za Kene

    My problem was resolved.
    Thanks for the advice and the support.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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