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Price field does not allow dot or comma

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    TJ Public


    There are products for example with 0.60 Euro.
    If I add 0.60 at the price field when I create an ad, the price wont show up.

    Also if I type 7.5 Euro it comes up 7 Euro on the listing pages. Why?
    This is not correct, how can I correct this?


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    TJ Public

    At the currency Ive set:
    Decimals: 2
    Decimal point:.
    Thousands seperator:,

    Prices are showing up as: 10.00
    but if I add a price for example 10.52 it still shows up 10.00

    any idea why?

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    You are right price is currently stored as integer. We will store it as float in our next release.

    This was due to different decimal point identifiers for different countries. in some it is 1.60, in others 1,60. That is why we converted prices to integer initially. Now we can define decimal point identifier in “Admin panel” -> “Settings” -> “Currency” page “Decimal point” value for each locale so we can use that identifier to know decimal point and store load values for price field.

    Our next release should be ready in couple days.

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    TJ Public

    Thanks for the reply.

    Please make sure when you release the next update to tell us which files has been affected as we have modified a lot a theme files and some core files.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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