For when it is planned update classibase?

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    Sebastian STEC

    I would like to ask for when the next update of the script is planned and what new functions it will include?
    The latest update of the script was released over a year ago, just like the last entry on the blog and Tutorial. I purchased the script two years ago and since then there have not been many changes….
    Kind regards,

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    Currently we are working on update but it will not have major updates. Some of planned updates include:

    1. recaptcha version 2
    2. bulk edit ads for admins by changing location, category, contact option, user_id
    3. Mobile navigation menu for admin
    4. Mobile friendly admin interface updates
    5. Not showing categories and locations with no ads in front end

    We cannot give exact date for update as we are half way through them and some changes take more time than others.

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    Tom Chung

    Updates are nice and good but we should be glad that the script works how it is now.

    Putting the developers in pressure asking too much or rushing them and letting them release some half baked products and running after fixing them, is not something we could need.

    The script itself is huge and just keeping it up with new technology is already great achievement, I think.

    If you need something, you could develop yourself some extensions (in php) and let it run independently. One good thing about ClassiBase is, it is very developer friendly. You can add any php code in the middle of page just adding html or php code. You can add custom javascript, jquery code in the bottom and the whole world is open for you.

    Hope it gives you some idea. Thanks.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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