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olxer theme

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    I like the olxer theme but if I use it, will I be at risk of infringing olx copyright in any way?

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    Hmm, not sure about copyright issue. We can add feature to customize theme by making colors changeable from admin panel, so that it will be more distinct.

    Changing theme colors will be added next week probably. Let us know if that is what you need.

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    Elite Tan

    to save time, think exisiting customer can just change themeselve from css, just install firebug and change themselve, in this way can free up developer your time to focus on adding more features which is more important, design, color all this basic stuff customer should have the basic skill and knowledge to change themselve so don’t worry about the color, just save your time to focus on more important feature like chain menu, hope it release soon for chain menu.

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    Some customer do not have the basic skill and knowledge. Chain menu feature is not the only important feature. Not everybody need the chain menu feature. Copyright is important issue. What is the point of having scripts that cannot be used? Do not be selfish and think only about your own need!

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    Hello Ken,

    We added color customization to Olxer classifieds theme. View updated theme description and try our demo.

    Olxer Responsive Classifieds Theme

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    Ok. Thank you very much!

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    How do we set color? I don’t see it from the admin panel.

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    Can we restore to the default color scheme? In case if we are not satisfied with the color we set, we can still reset it to the default one.

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    Added default color scheme to predefined color schemes. Please update to Olxer theme version 1.2 from admin panel.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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