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    Tom Chung

    Hi everybody.

    2 weeks ago I have added a list mode “Recently Viewed” on my home page with list style “Carousel” to test how it works. It looks pretty cool but looking at it today I see the same ADS as was 2 weeks ago when I created. According my statcounter, these listings must look totally different.

    My iPhone browser shows the same listings from last week (but different from my desktop computer which shows listings from 2 weeks ago).

    It seems like the “Recently Viewed” list mode cashes the views and doesn’t update when new views coming, which gives the impression nobody visits the website. Is there any misunderstanding or something is wrong?

    By the way I have found out that browsers “Google Chrome” and Safari doesn’t show this listing mode.

    Can somebody give me some idea.

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    “Recently viewed” ads are latest viewed ads by you, they are stored in cookie and displayed in reverse order.

    If visitors looks for cars on your site, he will have a list of latest viewed ads by him. This will allow visitor to navigate back to items that he has viewed. If he comes back after a week or 2 weeks he still will see those cars.

    Ad ids are stored in cookie so it is attached to device and browser. If visitor views site from other browser or device he will see different items. Also if several people share same device in home or work then they will see what was last viewed on that computer.

    Currently latest viewed ads are stored for 3 month in cookie and maximum 100 ads stored.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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