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Link text translation issue

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    I’m building a multilingual website with Classibase 1.4.4 French and I encounter one issue on translation:

    When logged as a user, in Admin panel>Edit account, the ‘upgrade to dealer account’ link text cannot be translated into another language. Indeed, it doesn’t exist in the list of expressions for translation in the built-in translation module.

    I traced that link in editAccount.php in line 14.

    How can that issue be fixed?

    Thanks in advance for your help,



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    Yes we missed that term to pass for translation. To fix it replace line 14 like following.

    echo ' - <a href="' . Language::get_url('admin/upgradetodealer/') . '">upgrade to dealer account</a>';

    replace with

    echo ' - <a href="' . Language::get_url('admin/upgradetodealer/') . '">' . __('Upgrade to dealer account') . '</a>';

    Then go to “Settings” -> “Language” from admin panel and click on “Translate” button next to language. On opened page click on “Rebuild translation terms” button. This will search script for new terms and add them to message.php file. It will also remove unused terms from message.php.

    After the term added for translation click on “Display empty values” or search term using search field, and write translation to text field next to term. Then save changes.

    Thank you for reporting, we added it to script and will be available with next release.

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    Thanks a lot, it works perfectly.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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