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Iphone and Android does not upload image

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    Hi CB,
    after new installation, 1.7.5 version, Iphone, android and some of other computer users was not able to upload images. Please let me know how to fix this issue? visit the page and be come member then try to upload image. From my computer i was able to upload some pictures but then only accepted 3 image out of 7. I upgrade the 200kb to 300kb from user-content-theme-view- postdata.php but still nothing change.
    I did clear cache, and debug mode on but nothing… Please help. Thank you in advance.

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    It is me again, same problem also shows up at
    I could fill the posting form but when I click image select button. just clicks does nothing.That is happening at android phone and Iphone. When I upload the script and setup everything i post the ad, now is not working. Please let me know how to fix this issue? Thank you

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    Ok I solve the issue by lowering image numbers to 4 then increase again it is working on android but not Iphone.
    Please let me know if anyone came cross with same issue. Thank you and have a blessed day.

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    Nope Issue continue with Iphone and Android. I check the update of CB but it is up to date, Thank you if anyone help please….

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    to change the max.image size 2000 to 15000 will solve the problem???
    cause when I size the image on computer then I was able to upload image but with iphone, page turns back to error login page even after logged in and fill the form..I try 3 different location with 3 different friends who has iphone result all the same.

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    Hello, sorry didn’t notice this thread.

    Uploading for iphone is never worked for iOS prior version 6. We have not tested after iOS 6.

    We will test script for iphone and android devices and let you know shortly.

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    Hello CB,
    Thank you for your respond, Ok I test Iphone uploads and i even able to post listing before last Iphone update (ver.6.0 was working, now 7.2 it is not). It was working. I even called friends who have Iphone and android phones to test & was ok. still upload is happening but only Iphone does not open image directory or folder to select image, Android does.
    Another issue, some of the scripts even Craigslist, looking for image for real time like take it and uploaded while member is on form for posting.
    does not look for image folder. Also Craigslist using some kind remote image server I believe, you could upload more then one image with select option instead of individually.
    I really appreciated all your works CB. But remember this little devices eliminated computer usage, everything right now like real time and that should be taking to consideration more accessible mobile scripts for next version of the CB. I am not good for scripting but I am good designing and understand lay outs. Where I should send design lay outs to help you guys? Have a blessed days….

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    Hi ClassiBase,
    On iphone after one image it does not allowed to upload second or third image. Android is working fine for this option. How can I adjust Iphone image upload limit or what todo to solve this issue. Thank you and blessed day

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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