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Image size question and suggestion

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    Is there an easy way to change the image size that users can load into Classibase? I already followed the instructions on the following link to change the limit:

    How to Increase Max File Size?

    However, this has a number of drawbacks like:

    1- It reverts to default when there is an update to the framework code
    2- It requires translation in English and every other language in the warning message
    3- It cannot be adjusted in the admin page and therefore requires additional maintenance

    Actually, what would be cool would be to fix the limit in admin page and that the framework would automatically compress the image to the right dimensions (i.e. 300×300) and size (i.e. 200kb).

    This would avoid end users to have to resize images prior to loading.

    Is this something you might consider working on for a future release? At least, it the parameter could be changed in admin page, it would greatly help.



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    Sure, we will schedule it for next release. Thank you for suggestion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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