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    Do you have anywhere in the Control Panel where we can control and place banner ads into the page?
    For example, how can we place banner ads at the top, or side, or bottom and with different size?
    Do you have any option where we can control the duration of the ads?
    Thank you.

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    Unfortunately we do not have built in banner ad manager ( with duration control, rotation or click and view counter).

    You have 2 options to do something similar to banner ads:

    1. First option: Create banner as static image and add it as ad listing. Then make that ad “Featured” for predefined featured time period. And display featured ads on sidebar in widget. Featured ads will be related to active category and location. Which may be bad in case if you want banner to show on all pages and not only on related pages. Also featured ads will link to ad page, not to external website.
    2. Second option: Create banner image and create add listing to website as in option (1). Then use that image as you banner and Add text/HTML widget to your sidebar or any available widget location. Use image from ad and link it to your desired location. You can add click tracking variables to url ( or search google for Google URL builder ) so that your advertiser will see traffic that is been sent from this banner using their own analytics account.

    As an option you can use 3rd party tools like and manage banners from there and insert javascript code to text/HTML widget on classibase.

    We know that none of above options are good enough to manage banners but those are only options for now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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