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How to place $ dollar sign to the front?

ClassiBase classifieds script Forums General help How to place $ dollar sign to the front?

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    Elite Tan

    How to place $ dollar sign to the front? Which file and code to modify? please advice, Thanks and see attached img

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    1st way: To display price on home page for ads add price custom field to “All locations” and “All categories” and select “L” to make price visible on listing. Disadvantage of this option is if you have price and rent fields used to display price, and you use this option then rent will not be displayed. If this case is true for you then use second way described below.

    2nd way: Use simple or gallery view for ads displayed on front page. Those will have price displayed.

    There is no option displaying price like in “Simple” listing for “Full” listing. But we are thinking on ways how to add it to “Full” list view as well.

    If you want to modify files then modify file in your theme folder /views/index/_listing_row.php

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    Elite Tan

    Thanks alot support for the wonderful script, but I mean to place the $ in front example $5000 instead of 5000$, how do I place the $ to the front? I tried your advice in your reply but doesn’t work, please advice again………..

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    I see, then edit /sys/app/models/Ad.php file line 1664 and change

    $return = number_format($val) . Config::option('currency');


    $return = Config::option('currency') . number_format($val);

    Also keep in mind that all changes will be overwritten on next script update.

    We will add defining currency location to our next release.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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