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How to fix permalink for location?

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    Why does l105 appear in the following URL “DOMAIN/manchester-l105/cars/” ? How to remove “l105” from it?

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    Permalinks are stored in separate table (PREFIX_permalink) in order to keep permalinks unique.

    It can happen for 2 reasons:

    1. When you use manhcester in other category, location, user name it will check permalink table and if it exists there for other location, category or username then Classibase generates unique permalink by adding unique id (in your case l105) to it.
    2. When you rename existing “manchester” location to other name say to “london”, Classibase stores old permalink in (PREFIX_permalink) with (is_old=1) value in order to redirect it to new location “london”. This is done to redirect traffic from search engines to updated URL.

    In both cases first try changeging permalink using following steps.

    How to edit location permalink:

    • Go to “Manage”->”Locations” in admin panel. If it is sublocation then navigate to it by licking on location names.
    • When you find location that you want to edit click on “Edit” button next to location.
    • Then on edit page click on edit link next to permalink.
    • Type permalink that you want to appeared text field and click on “Ok” button.
      • If permalink available then it text field will convert to regular text.
      • If not available then unique available name will be generated.
    • After you are happy with permalink click on “Submit” button at the bottom of page to save changes.

    In case you cannot change “manchester-l105” to “manchester” then it means “manchester” permalink is used by other location, category or username. You can try other unique permalink like “manchester-city” maybe.

    If you still want to use “manchester” then check your database table (PREFIX_permalink) for slug “manchester” in mysql editor using similar query like this:

    SELECT * FROM PREFIX_permalink WHERE slug="manchester";

    It should return one record. Check “is_old” value for returned record. If it is “1”, then it is old record and you can delete that record safely using query like this.

    DELETE FROM PREFIX_permalink WHERE slug="manchester" AND is_old=1;

    Then you can rename permalink “manchester-l105” to “manchester” as described above in “How to edit location permalink”.

    Same method applies for editing category and user permalinks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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