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How to disable Paypal function

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    Adnan Manzoor

    In my country Paypal is not supported and people normally do not pay through credit card. I want people to make ad featured without actually system routing to Paypal. What I want is user check in the feature ad if they want and admin approve the ad from the admin panel after receiving the payment manually. Is this do-able? Please let me let know how? because featured ad feature becomes only active once price is placed in the relevant fields and Paypal is active.

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    You can disable Paypal from “Settings” -> “Payment” page uncheck “Enable payment” option. Also define “Featured days” value on this page which will make ad featured for this amount of days.

    Then add “Text” widget to all pages or ad posting page explaining how to make ads featured. Something like “To promote your ad make payment to this bank account/or mobile operator and send your receipt showing your payment to this email address with url to your ad or ID. And we will make your ad Featured.”

    Then when you get email with ad url find that ad with id. ID is located under ad description usually or in URL number coming just before “.html” part. In example ID will be 123.

    Then Go to admin panel “Manage” -> “Ads” paste ID of ad and search. In results select ad with chekbox and from “Bulk actions” dropdown near buttons at the bottom select “Make featured” and click “Apply” button next to it. This will make selected ads Featured.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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