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How to disable agreement to term when post Ad?

ClassiBase classifieds script Forums General help How to disable agreement to term when post Ad?

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    Elite Tan

    How do I disable the checking for agreement to term?
    becos everytime post ad got to click on agreement to term
    how to disable that?

    I search all php file but cannot find, Help.

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    You can use javascript to check “I agree …” checkbox on page load.

    Navigate to “Settings” -> “Header / footer” on “Admin panel”. Paste custom javascript to “Custom footer” field.


    If you have other code in “Custom footer” do not delete them because they may be used in other areas of your site.

    This is best solution because:

    • User sees that they “agree to terms” and that they are responsible for ad that they post.
    • Will work even if you switch to other theme in most cases
    • No need to edit PHP files and be able to update theme to latest version without worries. (If you edit theme files, customization will be lost on next theme update. If you copy theme to other directory and rename it then it will not be updated in which case you will miss some cool features in future)
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    In case if you still want to edit php file, then it is located in


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    Added option to “Settings” -> “Ads” page at the bottom check option ‘Hide “Agree to site terms and conditions” field’.

    This makes it easy to hide “Agree to site terms and conditions” when posting new ad.

    This feature is added to version 1.4.2 , view all updates to script here

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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