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How to customize Home page Category list

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    Hi guys,
    in Classibase – base theme:
    does anyone know how to make changes to the category list layout displayed in the Homepage. I want to have four columns instead of three, and also want to have the categories to be displayed one after the other (no blank spaces between each main categories), so each block of categories can have a variable size depending on the number of subcategories it contains, see an example in or

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    This is a bit tricky, we are looking for possible solutions. Will return asap we find optimal way of doing it.

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    thanks for the update.
    Hey guys, The script works like a charm.. very easy to make custom changes just using css if you know the containers (which is easy to know using Firefox Inspector)..!. Very fast using multiple languages too. !

    Regarding the columns, I am still struggling with that: I have tried using “-moz-column-count:4 and/or column-width:150px” applied on the container using css, and I was able to change the width, however still shows 3 columns instead of 4.

    Hope you can help on this ( is the category list in the homepage made using columns or grid/table functions..or any other method..? ).. which is the container that actually holds this block, when I use The FF inspector I can see up to 3 different containers for that area.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    We wrote custom javascript to split home page categories to given number of columns.

    1. download setNumColumns.2.js javascript file.
    2. Edit addLoadEvent(function(){setNumColumns('.content .widget_categories ul:first',4)}); line at the bottom if you want to have other than 4 columns
    3. Navigate to “Settings” -> “Header / Footer” from admin panel
    4. Paste javascript file contents to “Custom footer”
    5. “Submit” changes to save

    Also you can make other changes if you want. When site viewed from mobile phone with smaller than 450px with then you will see all categories in one column with full width.

    We also tried to accomplish this with CSS3 ‘column-count: 4;’ property but it was inconsistent.

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    Hi Guys,

    got it tested, and simply works PERFECT.. !., just what I needed.

    Thanks very much for the script.


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    thank you very much for your quick support. I will test it and let you know the output.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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