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Geo targeting Classibase?

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    Good day,

    I was thinking if there’s any way to geo target website visitors and pre-select the location. For example, if someone visits the website from location xyz, the website automatically chooses location xyz. If someone visits the website from xyz state and abc city, the website automatically chooses xyz > abc so that the site visitor doesn’t have to keep click buttons just to post their ad.

    I have like 20 states and 1600 cities. I’m losing out on many visitors who do not wish to make all those selections.

    Any possible solution to geo targeting site visitors? Thanks for any help!

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    It will require advanced PHP and javascript knowledge.

    First you need to detect visitors city. You can use javascript as described here (we have hot tried it)

    Then it will be better offer your site visitor to view local listing with a link saying “You are visiting from AAAA city, would you like to view listing in your city”. To do this you have to create map pointing location name to url. For example “New York”=>””. So when they agree to view local listings they can navigate by clicking link. Also you will not show any link if city they are located is not in your database.

    When they navigate to their city, it will be their default location. Default location is stored in cookie. When visitors visits your site next time they will automatically view listing in their default location. Default location changes when visitor clicks on other location in your site.

    When they click “Post add” button script detects current location and category and pre selects it automatically.

    So main issue here will be detecting location of visitor on first visit using external services and offer to navigate to local listings. After that script will use that location as default location.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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