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Duel Currency

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    Does the script support been able to sell an item in the ad to the UK with said fields set up for payment and also the same ad for overseas?

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    Can you please rephrase your question?

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    Yes I`m sorry lol

    If I create an ad say for a set of headphones and set the price at £1.99.

    Can it be set to offer UK Free Delivery, thus only taking the purchase price of £1.99.

    And set an overseas postage price of say £2.15, thus the overseas customer would have to pay £1.99 + £2.15 totalling £4.14

    All within the same ad setup?

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    Ok, there is no direct way of doing it as you describe. You can accomplish in 2 ways that will somehow mimic your request.

    • 1. way: Add regular “Price” custom field and other “Delivery overseas” custom field with input type “price”. This will display both prices in your ad page but will not sum them. It will display as

      Price: £1.99 
      Delivery overseas: £2.15

      If you think it will confuse customers the you can name second price field as “Price + delivery to overseas” and first price as “Price with delivery to UK” Then it will display as

      Price with delivery to UK: £1.99 
      Price + delivery to overseas: £4.14

      In this case ad author have to post calculate price + delivery for overseas delivery.
      To learn how to setup custom fields read this tutorial

    • 2. way: If delivery price fixed for all items to overseas you can display delivery price as regular text below or above ad on every ad page by using text widget.
      Read this tutorial to learn how to add text widget in your case it will be regular text not PHP.

    I know that both ways may not be ideal for you. Also research opencart (which is shopping cart script) they have such feature for delivery but not sure if it can be as classifieds website enabling to post items by users.


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    Thank you

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