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How to display current location?

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    i see, that in some places, functions are called, and they show to user, which location is curretly selected.

    So, how it shoulb be done, how can I echo location to visitor?

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    With echoing current location there are two different cases:

    1. Current “active location” which users selected when navigating or pre selected by default. This stays same even when user views ad listed on other location. For echoing this you can use echo View::escape(Location::getName(IndexController::$selected_location));
    2. Location of current ad on ad page, which may be different from “active location” mentioned above. For this you can use echo View::escape(Location::getName(IndexController::$selected_ad->Location));

    Note that these are performed using internal variables and can change in future releases. So do not rely on them much.

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    which page the codes are in?

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    You can add as widget using text widget (select type as PHP in your widget settings) or in your theme folder /user-content/themes/THEME_NAME/layouts/frontend.php for example.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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