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    Nordin Kadir

    I setup one level category and put them (by widget) at left column in frontpage. Now I would like to put ad count for each category beside the category name. How to do that?
    I found a setting in Ads -> Disable ad counting and have already untick that option but looks like nothing happen. What is the purpose of this setting?

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    categories widget

    If you Edit categories widget, by clicking edit link in the right of widget title in Admin panel on “Appearance” => “Widgets” page, there you will see “Display ad count” checkbox. Checking it will display ad count next to category names. If there is no ads in that category then it will not show 0. So make sure that you have some ads in any category.

    Detailed instructions about categories, locations and about displaying them on front page can be found here

    The other checkbox in settings is used to enable/disable ad counting generally.

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    Hi support team

    I did it as described – and the numers appears – but when I add a new ad the new numbers don’t appear directly – it take a lot of time. Could that be a reason of my server or do I have to change something somewhere?

    All other things running very well.

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    Counting ads takes couple seconds in database, due to nature of counting query. For that reason we cache counts for 1 hour. As a result ad counts displayed next to category and locations names are not updated immediately.


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