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Different Currencies / Multiple Currencies

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    Can different ad posters post ads in their own currency on the same website? For example, can an ad poster in the U.S. post ads in the US$ while an ad poster in France posts ads using the euro currency, while an ad poster in the Philippines posts ads using the PHP Peso currency?

    In the same vein, can one and the same ad poster post ads using different currencies depending on who or where he wants to market the item he is selling? For example, a an poster lives in Hong Kong but wants to sell his items to the US$ market so he advertises specific items using the US$, and he also wants to sell the same or different items and wants to market them in Spain, so he posts ads using the euro?

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    Classibase do not support multi currency.

    I see your point and it is perfectly valid for global classifieds website. Also in practice it is better to separate classifieds website by countries for better targeting and SEO.

    Also if you want even better targeting then it is suggested to separate website by verticals like property, cars, jobs etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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