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How to disable description required field?

ClassiBase classifieds script Forums General help How to disable description required field?

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    Elite Tan

    1. Instead of the Description required field in post ad page, how to disable it? and

    2. to enable selectable custom field as required field,

    3. and generate seo title and url from the custom field

    which file and code to edit to disabled description as required field? Reason for this is to prevent duplicate description ad because normally user copy and paste description, hence to build url and seo title from custom field will prevent duplicate
    decription which is bad for seo and google unfriendly, please advice on above 1+2+3 and to hear from you soon.

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    Elite Tan

    dear Support has found answer to 1, in postcontroller.php to remove required in this code $rules[‘description’] = ‘trim|strip_tags|xss_clean’;

    however for question 2 and 3 appreciate your advice, as I cannot find a solution for2 and 3, Thanks and to hear from you soon………

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    Elite Tan

    for question 3, has found this code in ad.php

    $slug = StringUtf8::makePermalink($ad->title);

    how to replace the html from $ad->title to the custom field that I want in the database? example in the database -> ad_field_description, i’ve a custom field name Block, I want to retrieve the value of Block and replace it with $ad->block, how to do that? please advice, help……….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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