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Custom Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords)

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    Hello Champs,

    Just wanted to ask you if there is a way to handle Meta Tags on pages/categories/locations/items?

    Is there any plugin that I can use in order to type custom meta tags?

    And, is there any plugin that would allow me to choose index/noindex, follow/nofollow, noarchive, noydir, etc?

    The main reason why WordPress is so successful is because it allows users to have control over the SEO of pages, posts, categories, etc.

    I’m not trying to compare Classibase with WordPress but just stating the facts why people prefer using WordPress over other “blogging software”. Classibase is not a blogging software, I know that but just saying, the software can be improved to be more admin-friendly :)

    Would appreciate your input on this subject.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Actually we want to keep script as simple as possible, not cluttering it with lots of settings and fields. It really brings more questions to some customers.

    Regarding custom headers, noindex header. currently some headers are handled in theme. for example noindex meta can be set on theme files.

    Similar situation is valid for title, description, keyword meta tags. so you can duplicate theme to other folder, and edit info.php file. then customize those header elements.

    Page type can be read by variable $page_type; you can check what value passed to it from /sys/app/Controllers/IndexController.php


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    ahmad fatih

    I do support this feature as a must have in CB. No need complicated settings, just write manually for each URL will be better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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