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    I have a problem with the dropdown custom field. I can’t add more than 22 values in the dropdown menu. If I add more than 22 values in the form, then after saving will be only 22 values. There are some restrictions? How can I fix it? I need more than 30 values in the custom dropdown menu.

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    I did some tests and I found a correlation to this problem. By reducing used languages (Only delete. Disable did not work in this case.), it is possible to add more entries in the dropdown menu. How can I fix it?
    I want to use an unlimited number of entries in the dropdown menu without reducing the quantity of languages.

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    There should be no limit to number of items in dropdown custom field. It may be some characters are breaking html. Can you please send direct url where that dropdown used or send list of values used in that dropdown so we can reproduce this error.

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    I have reproduced this situation in your demo site and got an identical error.
    You can reproduce it by the following steps:
    1. Firstly you must create 40 languages.
    2. Then create a dropdown menu with 23 or more entries. After saving, there will only be 22 entries.

    After deleting some language you will be able to add more entries in the drop-down menu.

    I have prepared some screenshots if it will be necessary.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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