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    I have a widget area (content_footer) to show my pages link and now I want to customize it’s css
    The way I want it is to have no border around the area and not to show dots or other decoration for the


    Also, it would be better to show the


    in columns and not in lines.
    Be it: page1 page2 page3…
    and not:
    . page1
    . page2
    . page3

    Can I have your help on this matter?
    Thank you.

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    Sure if you provide with url to your page then we can provide css for it.

    Simple way of converting list to a inline element should be something like this:

    .content_bottom .widget ul{list-type:none;}
    .content_bottom .widget ul li{display:inline; margin-right:5px;}

    But you need to specify exact selector for that widget.

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    Thank you a lot. That helped.
    I just changed content_bottom to content_footer and it works.
    I inserted your provided style at the header area and added
    .content_footer .widget {border-style:none;}
    to remove borders

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    how to place the code for the are, cant u show me
    in admin panel ringht…

    thnks you

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    You can apply custom CSS in Appearance -> Themes page by clicking “Customize” button. Detailed instructions are explained here: http://classibase.com/apply-custom-css-to-classibase-themes/

    Other use of custom styles can be found here: http://classibase.com/forums/topic/change-background-color-in-theme/#post-542

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