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    At the post ad page, can location and category fields be chained options?
    At least for locations, when there are many options, the way I see it in the demo isn’t very practical for me.
    Thank you

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    You are right if you have more than 100 locations and categories it is better have chained select when adding new post. We plan to add it to our next release as it was asked by our existing customers as well here:

    Using chain select menu for both locations and categories

    Expected release date not curtain, because we haven’t started working on it yet. We plan to work on it and probably release in 2-4 weeks but it is not curtain yet.

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    Thank you. Hope it comes soon.

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    Elite Tan

    yes please support, we need the chain menu urgently, hopefully can release in 1 week time, looking forward, as we are waiting for this feature before launching the site, thank you in advanced :)

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    Chain select available on Classibase version 1.5, please update your theme as well to support this feature.

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    Thank you for this release. It’s a great help!
    However, I see that for theme other than base, the pull down menu (for location level 2 and +) does not stay, so it’s not easy to choose from options.
    Can you verify, please?
    Thank you.

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    We tested with other themes as well, Chain select works on all our themes.

    Can you explain how it is not staying?

    There is one difference, in Base theme location and category select fields displayed in table. On other themes they are displayed using paragraph tags

    . Which may can show, in mobile devices, second level of location select boxes not aligned under fist one but aligned to the left under label.

    If this is the case and you are not happy with it then you can edit user-content/themes/THEME/views/post/index.php file and move form elements to table.

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    I’ll try to express myself the better I can…
    When I select 2nd level location, in base theme the pull down menu is fix, even if I move mouse cursor from the v arrow to text in order to select option. In other themes, say fafotka, I have to keep left button pressed when moving to options. Otherwise I loose pull down options list on the second level.
    Hope I have made myself more clear.
    Thank you very much for your attention.

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    We found bug, it is select box label tags were wrapping select boxes. So when you click on select box its’ label clicked and first select box gets focus. Second level of location select boxes were loosing focus because of this.

    We fixed this issue for all themes other than Base theme and released updates. Please update your themes.

    Thank you for reporting this issue.

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    Thank you!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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