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Chain Select problem

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    Elite Tan

    Support I’m using 1.7.3 and found some issue when I delete all the existing sample category and sample subcategory from the new install, then when I create my own category and subcategory the chain menu no longer work :(

    I’ve to leave at least 1 default sample category and 1 sample subcategory in order for my newly created category and subcategory chain menu to work.

    Please advice how to resolve this issue as in after deleting all existing sample category/subcategory, how can my newly created cat/subcat still work remain in chain menu?

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    Elite Tan

    Support I tested on your demo, and your demo also has the same issue, upon I delete away all the sample default cat/subcat and when I create new cat/subcat, the new cat/subcat no longer appear in chain menu when post ad, please advice how to fix this urgent….

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    Elite Tan

    Dear Support, appreciate you can let us know what file and code to modify to resolve above issue? you can login to your demo site and delete all cat/sub cat then create new cat/sub then you post ad and you can see the chain menu no longer working, please advice to hear from you today urgent as my site waiting for this fix before launching, please let us know how to fix it by modifying which file and code?

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    Elite Tan

    Support please see screenshot for the issue:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Elite Tan

    hmm Support, I’ve discovered after deleting all default sample cat/sub cat, if I am to create at least 2x cat and each cat has 4-6 subcat then the chainmenu will work again, it is there is a minimum cat/sub cat to create before chainmenu will work?

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    Yes there should be more than 10 categories with subcategories in total for chain select to work. Because there is no need for chain select if it is less than 10 categories.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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