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Categroy Selection list dissapears when adding a post

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    Hi Guys,

    I have an issue when posting a new ad, trying to select the category/subcategory, I click on the selection box, but the list of categories shows up for just half of a second, and disappears immediately, so I can not select the category.. the only way I can catch the categories selection list is clicking in the selection box, keeping the mouse pressed, and slowly moving down to the category I want to select.

    Have you had this issue reported ..?.. or should this be something to do with my browser..? ( Firefox 23.0.1), because when I use IE7, it does show all the category list for selection..?.. Please help.

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    Hello Pascuale,

    No, nobody reported such issue before and we didn’t encounter it. Can you test disabling all javascripts from your browser and selecting category. It may be javascript or css issue.

    Os send us address of your website (on forum or using contact form) so we can see why this happens.

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    I cleaned up the site and deleted the css and javascript. When I do that the problem persists. The location selection list is Ok. but the category selection still disappears when clicking. If I keep the mouse pressed, I can select the category and move to the next page (continue), then something interesting happens.. If i click on the “change” button available right to the category/subcategory selected, then the system will put me back to the first input form so I can change the category/subcategory,.. and guess what.. now the selection list shows up and do not disappears. But this happens like that with or without the css/java script. So, it seems there is a problem only when you first the select the category.. I have 101 cat/subcat.. could this be a limitation..?..

    I can not send my website details, as I have it still running on my localhost.. is there any option to make it available to you even it’s on my localhost..?

    Thanks for helping,

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    Number of categories should not be problem. Can you switch to other theme and see if same problem exists?

    Again we can help only if we can access your site. Otherwise it is difficult to discover problem with suggestions.

    If you have some other sites you can install classibase in folder as well. for example

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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