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Category/subcategory list not completewhen adding a post

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    Hi guys,

    I just noticed something strange when creating a new ad:

    When selecting Location, it worked Ok. as it shows all the locations and sub-locations that I have available, however when selecting the category/subcategory, it does NOT show all the categories/subcategories I have already defined, so it is not possible to create the ad if the subcategory you want to pick is not there in the list. Is there a limitation on the number of categories/subcategories you can see in the selection list (when creating a new ad).. or am I doing something wrong..?.

    Also, is it possible to assign more than 1 category/subcategory to an ad. If not, could you advise how could I trick the system so I can have an ad assigned to multiple categories/subcategories. (this will be a common need in all my classified sites).


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    Hello Pascuale,

    Thank you for reporting.

    Categories not displayed – We didn’t encounter any problems with categories. And could not reproduce it. Make sure that category is enabled and not locked. Because it is not possible to post an ad to locked category. If you give us detailed explanation or help us reproduce error we will fix it. Also try clearing cache manually by navigating to “Tools” -> “Clear cache” page from admin panel and click on “Clear cache” button.

    Multiple categories per ad – is not possible because ads and categories are connected in one to many way. so there is only one category id field per ad. We didn’t built script to allow multiple categories, locations to keep it simple and was not needed initially.

    One of our previous customers asked for multiple locations before, it was for looking for apartment in couple locations close to job. Can you explain why would you need to post an ad into many categories? I know ebay has it because item may be related to more than one category. Is this case applies to you?

    To make clear we are not planning to add multiple categories or locations to our script for now. If that is vital part of your business we suggest look for other possible solutions. You can request refund within 60 days of purchasing classibase.

    Classibase team

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    Hi guys,
    thanks for the clarification.

    I have cleaned the cache, and checked all the categories were unlocked, and now it is working Ok.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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