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    Q 1 ) Can i remove post add button from any theme?
    i didn’t want to see post ad button in front end website.
    only admin allow to post adds.

    in admin panel have only registration disabled function but post ad button and login button still showing.

    Q2)  i want to create property listening website.
    I want to target 1 country.
    and want this searchable or drop down button in main page search option.
    Adtype (Any/buy/sell/rent(select from drop down) , Any/ Country then Province/city then town/ ,Any/House or Appartment/Flat , Price with slider if possible.

    custom search form

    Q3 ) need to remove 3 translation icons on front.
    please answer me soon as possible

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    1) You can remove post add button with CSS or with javascript. Use this CSS in theme customization page for Base theme. .post_listing{display:none;}
    You can view instructions for using custom CSS here

    This code will remove Post add button on top of the page. If user visits empty category then other post add button displayed in content area. To hide that button you have to edit theme files manually and delete some code. Let us know if you at that stage and want to remove that button and we will give detailed instructions for you.

    2) When adding custom fields you can define which fields are searchable by clicking “S” button on custom field. Those fields will be visible if you use search widget. Formatting of our search fields are not exactly as you request in screenshot. You can view generated HTML for search field and customize it yourself. For that you need to know HTML CSS and javascript. We do not do customization for our clients you will have to hire someone you know to code it for you if you do not know how to.

    Read more about custom fields here

    3) If you remove other languages from your website then links to other languages also will be removed. To remove other languages navigate to “Settings” -> “Language” page from admin panel and delete other languages.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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